Über mich

SILKE MARSEN freelance designer home textiles, fabrics, carpets, wallpapers, managing founder Studio Silke Marsen Textildesign. Product designer, fashion designer, dressmaker and costume designer. Product developer for carpets, creative person with an affinity for technology, rousing empath, passionate solution finder and sunshine with strong communication skills. Curious free spirit and multilingual citizen of the world. (Description of a friend and colleague)

„Oft I feel like a translator of nature.“ Silke Marsen,independent freelance designer of home textiles.

CLIENTS(excerpt, alphabetical)

Delius GmbH, Germany – curtains, decofabricss

JAB Anstoetz KG, Germany – rugs, carpets, curtains, decofabrics

Jim Thompson, Thailand – curtains, decofabricss

Kinnasand, Germany – curtains

Linie Design, Denmark – rugs

Marburger Tapeten, Germany – wallpapers

Mantexman Yarns, Spain – consultancy, trends and colours

Porsche Selection, Germany – Accessoires like ties, scarves and shawls

Rasch Tapetenfabrik, Germany – wallpaper

Sangetsu, Japan – curtains